As your organization’s digital assets move outside the safety of your firewall, they form a soft underbelly to your security program that’s vulnerable to external threats.

RiskIQ maps your digital attack surface and protects it from malicious actors. We provide actionable data that lets you surface and pinpoint threats across your entire business—in all channels.

With RiskIQ, security teams can:

  • Discover and Monitor: Discover assets and analyze your attack surface by mapping your digital footprint, all external-facing digital assets—both known and unknown
  • Detect and Respond: Identify and eliminate live attacks in-the-wild
  • Research and Investigate: Investigate malicious infrastructure and threats to prevent attacks

What makes us unique?

  • Unmatched global visibility: Our platform uses raw internet data collected by our global network of crawlers and internet sensors
  • In-the-wild threat detection: Detect publicly visible threats in real time
  • Closed-Loop Event Management & Remediation: Remediate external threat events while increasing productivity