New Webinar
PassiveTotal: New Datasets, More Features, Quicker Investigations

RiskIQ’s PassiveTotal harnesses the power of big data analytics to surface the footprint of an attacker, making threat investigations and incident response quicker than ever before. Over the past few weeks, we’ve added new datasets and features to the platform to enhance threat analysis and data visualization.

During the webinar RiskIQ's PassiveTotal founder and principal engineer, Brandon Dixon, highlights all new features and datasets and shows how best to use them to bring insight to adversaries’ infrastructure.

In this webinar Brandon will:

  • Introduce the concept of infrastructure chaining
  • Touch on the "traditional" datasets the platform was largely built on
  • Introduce the newer, non-traditional datasets that have been added
  • Show examples of how non-traditional datasets can be used to surface the footprint of an attacker

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Brandon Dixon, 
Principal Engineer,
PassiveTotal's Founder